Welcome to Year 5!

On this page you will find all the information that you need about what’s going on in Year 5.

The link below will take you to our frequently asked questions for children starting part way through the year in KS2:

New starters – KS2 – Frequently asked questions

The video below gives you a tour of year 5 at Bowerham:


Mr Box

Class Teacher, 5SB

Mrs Orford

Class Teacher, 5AO

Mrs Harris

Teaching Assistant, 5SB

Miss Casson

Teaching Assistant, 5CL

Mr Grubic

Teaching Assistant, 5CL

Mrs Richardson

Teaching Assistant, 5SB

Miss Lancaster

Teaching Assistant, 5SB


All your child’s homework can be found on Showbie in the green homework folder.

Task Homework – This is a task that the children will need to complete. This will be linked to prior learning or to support the children in their learning for that week.

Often the task homework will be something for you to do (a task) or to talk through rather than written work that needs handing in. However, if is does need handing in, it can be submitted in a variety of ways depending on what suits the tasks. You can choose how you would like to submit it.

  • Children can complete the homework on paper and hand a physical copy in to the teacher (if they are not isolating), alternatively they can take a photograph of their work and upload it to Showbie.
  • The could also complete their homework on Showbie using the annotation tools.
  • They could use different software e.g. MS Word, PowerPoint etc and upload the document from their computer to Showbie.

Just talk – This will be sent home on a Monday for the children to talk about. The children will complete their Just Write on a Friday during our assessment morning.

Spellings – Each child will be set new spellings on a Friday. These words will be linked to the phonics sounds that the children will be covering during their phonics lessons the following week. The children will complete the spelling quiz (test) the following Friday during our assessment morning.

MyMaths – Children will be set a new MyMaths challenge each Friday.

Reading – Ideally, we would like the children to be reading regularly at home.

The Year 5 Curriculum

Below you can find a link to key documents which will give you as a parent or carer an overview of what our Year 5 pupils will be learning this year and the skills that they will need to develop.

Click  here to find out more about each topic and, as ever, if you have any questions about your child’s learning then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Year 5 classes will start at 8.55am. We would appreciate it if children could be dropped as near to this time as possible in order to maintain social distancing and ensure that all year groups are arriving at different times.

We would ask that you encourage your child to be independent when coming into school. It is very important for your child’s development for them to be able to take responsibility for themselves and their own property. No parents will be allowed on to the yard in the morning for drop off. Year 5 children will enter through the pupils gate and the black door and go straight to their classroom.

At the end of the day, Year 5 children can be collected from the yard by the main gate at 3.15pm. We ask parents collecting children from Year 5 if they do come on to the yard to stand by the wall. We work with a “hands up” collection system. Your child will not be sent to an adult collecting until a member of staff has seen who is there to collect. If someone different is due to collect your child please indicate so in the communication diary. We would encourage parents to collect children away from the yard at a prearranged drop off point where convenient to allow for social distancing to be observed on the yard. Again, please indicate your pick up point in the communication diary.

Should you wish to meet with a year 5 teacher, this can be arranged by email or by indicating in the communication diary.

Homework Routine

Maths and JUST WRITE Talk homework will be given out on a Thursday.

JUST WRITE will normally be completed in class on the following Monday.

Spellings are given out on Friday for a test on the following Friday.

PE Day

Our PE day is on a Monday.

Your child should come to school in the following kit:

Black shorts / plain black tracksuit bottoms / black leggings

Team colour plain t-shirt

Trainers or pumps

School jumper

No jewellery

Swimming is on Thursday mornings. Classes go every other week. We will provide updates as to when this will commence, the latest information is that we cannot go swimming before October half term.