Welcome to Year 2!

On this page you will find all the information that you need about what’s going on in Year 2

Welcome letter Year 2:

Year 2 Meet the Teacher Letter 2021.22

The link below will take you to our frequently asked questions for children starting part way through the year in KS1:

New starters – KS1 – Frequently asked questions

Year 2 Welcome video:


Phonics Screening Support: KS1 Phonics and Phonics Screening Support

Mr Thomas

Class Teacher, 2AT

Miss Walker

Class Teacher, 2GW

Mrs Callan

Higher Level Teaching Assistant, 2GW

Nicolle Murphy

Teaching Assistant, 2AT

Mrs McEvoy

Teaching Assistant, 2GW


All your child’s homework can be found on Showbie in the green homework folder.

Task Homework – This is a task that the children will need to complete. This will be linked to prior learning or to support the children in their learning for that week.

Often the task homework will be something for you to do (a task) or to talk through rather than written work that needs handing in. However, if is does need handing in, it can be submitted in a variety of ways depending on what suits the tasks. You can choose how you would like to submit it.

  • Children can complete the homework on paper and hand a physical copy in to the teacher (if they are not isolating), alternatively they can take a photograph of their work and upload it to Showbie.
  • The could also complete their homework on Showbie using the annotation tools.
  • They could use different software e.g. MS Word, PowerPoint etc and upload the document from their computer to Showbie.

Just talk – This will be sent home on a Friday for the children to talk about. The children will complete their Just Write on a Wednesday.

Spellings – Each child will be set new spellings on a Friday. These words will be linked to the phonics sounds that the children will be covering during their phonics lessons the following week. The children will complete the spelling quiz (test) the following Friday during our assessment morning.

MyMaths – Children will be set a new MyMaths challenge each Friday.

Reading – Ideally, we would like the children to be reading regularly at home.

The Year 2 Curriculum

Click here for the Year 2 curriculum


Welcome to Year 2 – we are really excited about welcoming your child!

To help you get started, here are the morning and end of day routines for when we return in September, along with a few top tips!

Morning Arrival

  • Parents/carers should bring their children into school via the back green gate and onto the trim trail, where they will be met by a member of staff. The children will then say their goodbyes and come straight into school via the double doors into the KS1 atrium. Parents are then asked to vacate the trim trail to avoid any congestion.
  • The green gate will be opened at 8.30am by a member of the Year 2 team. Parents of Year 2 children will not be allowed onto the playground for health and safety reasons. If parents need to accompany children to KS2, they will have to walk back across the field and enter the school via the designated front entrances.
  • The children will make their way into the classroom where they will put their communication diary and water bottle at their tables, then put their coats and bags on their pegs.

End-of-the-day routines

  • School will finish at 3.15pm. Parents/carers should collect their children from the trim trail. Please can we ask that parents enter the school as before, via the back green gate.
  • The children will be dismissed from the KS1 atrium double doors by a member of the Year 2 team when their parent has been seen.

Kids Club

If your child is attending Bowerham Kids Club or Casual Club, they will be asked to stay in the classroom until they are picked up by the Kids Club. Please keep staff and Kids Club fully informed if there are any changes to proposed childcare. We also have a casual care club available if needed. More details about the casual care club can be found through the following link:








PE Day

The PE Day for Year 2 is TUESDAY. Children should come to school in their full PE kit and you can find a list of what they will need to wear for PE here.

Library Day

Library books can be changed in the new Key Stage 1 library on a Friday (both classes).