We are Reading  

Bowerham Primary and Nursery School made the pledge to become a ‘We are Reading’ school. We have also been given the fantastic opportunity to be co-ordinating school for our cluster.


Research tells us that children who read widely are more likely to experience success than those who rarely read. The ‘We are Reading’ pledge means that schools across Lancashire will make a conscious effort to promote reading in their schools.

All schools involved in the scheme will work towards the five targets below:

  • Become a reading school.
  • Seek out every opportunity to improve standards in reading at school.
  • Encourage reading for pleasure.
  • Enable children to read in-depth in a wide range of subjects, deepening their knowledge and understanding across the curriculum.
  • Work with other schools, local libraries and other partners to promote reading as a life-long skill.


Keep an eye out on the Bowerham website and Facebook page to discover what our reading focus is for the whole school or in individual classes. These may change weekly, every few weeks or half termly. These updates will start with the phrase ‘We are Reading for/to…’


The campaign runs until March next year and we will keep you updated with all the activities we undertake as part of our pledge. I would like to take this opportunity to remind parents that all our pupils should have a reading book and their communication diary with them at all times.


Autumn 2 – , ‘We are Reading when it is STOP IT, DROP IT, READ’.

 Please use the link to http://www.oxfordowl.co.uk  for lots of wonderful free resources to use at home.


We are reading lots of ‘Under the Sea’ related stories in Nursery!



We have been reading lots of wonderful stories about starting school! We have loved our first few days in Reception class and we cannot wait to continue exploring our new school!

Year 1

Year 1

We are reading… with different teachers. This half term Year 1 will be inviting different members of staff from across the school to read with us!

Year 2


Year 3

We Are Reading…to recapture happy memories.

Today, Mrs King read ‘Six Dinner Sid’ to the class. This inspired us to think about stories we have enjoyed in the past and would like to read again.

We would like children to bring in short stories from home that we can share with the class after playtime on a daily basis.

Year 4

Year 4 are currently reading Matt’s Millions by Andrew Norris which links in nicely with My Money Week.

The children are also getting stuck into their own reading books and several are really enjoying our new peer reading scheme which is designed to give children the chance to listen to each other and comment on the books they are reading.

Some of our Year 4 children have also met Will Mabbit (the author of Embassy Of The Dead) and also received a signed copy of his book!

Year 5

We are reading Stay out of the basement for our class novel in both 5JG and 5VT. We have read the first few chapters and are really starting to get into the story of the mysterious plants!

The children are also reading their own books either from the school library or books from home.

We also read non fiction books when we are researching our topic.

This term year 5 have decided they would like to read 100 different books in each class before the end of term for their we are reading pledge. They are going to fill in a chart in class of every book they finish….get reading!

Year 6

We are Reading – The Machine Gunners by Robert Westall








Chas McGill has the  second-best collection of war souvenirs in Garmouth but then he stumbles across the remains of a crashed German bomber…


We are Reading – World War 2 references books and learning about the Blitz, rationing and the Land Girl Army!







We are Reading – in the bath (Mr Haughton!)   in bed (Mr Hodder!)

Where do you read?

We are reading…

Upside down on (or off) our beds!