At Bowerham every child is allocated a key worker when they start Reception Class –  your key worker will help your child to settle, feel confident and secure. They will be responsible for meeting your child’s needs and responding to their feelings, ideas and behaviour. They are also responsible for collecting the data that is included in your child’s online learning Journey, Tapestry. These are very special and will record your child’s progress through the Early Years Foundation Stage. They will have examples of your child’s work, photographs and observations from your key worker.

You will also be able to add what your child has been doing at home, their likes and dislikes and please make contributions to their Learning Journey by uploading photos/videos and notes about what you have been doing at home. This could be a family day out, a special celebration, a holiday, or of a special achievement. We would love to see what they’ve been up to! You will be able to access your child’s online learning journey via the email address you have provided us with and the password that you create.

Further information about Tapestry can be found at

Tapestry Relative Information


We want to make communication with school even better – so we would like to tell you about a  brilliant  app for your smartphone. The app is completely free of charge and can be installed on your mobile phone or tablet.  It currently supports both Apple iOS and Android devices (with Windows mobile to follow) and you’ll be able to see information for your child(ren) instantly!

What you need to do once your child starts school

Install the app by visiting the app store/google play and searching for and downloading the Groupcall xpressions app with the logo shown above.

You will then need to ensure we have your correct mobile number and email address on our school database and you’ll need to make sure you keep these details up to date in future to maintain access to this great service.

Once installed and set up you will be able to receive messages from school directly to the app. If your child is absent from school and you receive a message, you will also be able to send a reply directly to school giving the reason for absence using the app. The information you provide will keep our records up to date.

To find out more please visit   http://www.parents.groupcall.com/

Please do support school by downloading the app as this will significantly reduce costs for both school and parents.

Cool Milk

Cool milk is the supplier we use to provide milk. All children under the age of 5 are entitled to a carton of milk each day and parents have the option to continue this throughout school as a payable service.

Please use the following link in order to register your child for milk .


Parent Pay

This is the online payment system that we use for parents to pay for items such as school uniform, trips and lunches.

Once your child starts with us in September you will be issued with your unique login details so that you can access your Parentpay account.

Please see the attached leaflet which gives you more information about Parentpay.

All about Parentpay