Here at Bowerham we believe that it’s important that we look smart and dress appropriately for school. Please find below a list of our school uniform and information on how to order certain items.

From September 2017 our school uniform will be:

  • Black trousers / tailored shorts / skirt / pinafore
  • White Polo Shirt
  • Red school jumper / cardigan with the school logo (preferably)
  • Plain black sensible shoes / boots / trainers (all black – including markings and laces) with a gripped sole.
  • No Ugg style boots and no tassels or studs
  • Tights and hairbands are to be plain red or black – no Jojo bows
  • Plain black or grey socks and white for girls.
  • Girls may wear black leggings with a black skirt
  • Red, white and black checked skirt – which we are in the process of sourcing. We currently have some “second” stock available at the fantastically low price of £4.00.

The P.E kit consists of:

  • Plain black shorts / tracksuit bottoms or running trousers
  • School team colour t-shirt
  • School jumper
  • Trainers / black pumps

In summer:

  • Girls may wear a red and white gingham dress.
  • White leggings with a red and white gingham dress
  • Sandals must be black, closed toed, not flimsy or jelly-style
  • Sun hats / caps
  • For health & safety reasons sunglasses are not allowed unless they are prescription ones

For religious convictions or observations:

  • A plain headscarf in black or red only

Dress Down Friday:

  • The top half of your clothing has to be school uniform, this means that you should wear what you would wear to school Monday – Thursday.
  • You must wear suitable footwear (i.e. not high heels).
  • Don’t come in unsuitable clothing (i.e. don’t come in shorts if it is cold).
  • You don’t need to come dressed down if you don’t want to.

School Uniform Shop

School now run an online  uniform shop. You can  pop in to the office and try uniform on for sizings. Any item that is embroidered and needs to be ordered in  will usually arrive within approximately 2 weeks.

To purchase uniform via the online shop please click here.