Rota Kids was set up at Bowerham in 2013 and is a great opportunity for kids in school to learn to volunteer and contribute to their community. We are always very happy to hear from any children (and families) who would like to get involved with Rota Kids so please contact Mrs Steel for more information.

News from Rota Kids in 2020/2021

Bowerham Rota Kids

This community club officially started at the end of November 2013. Scroll down to see what we do!

Application forms for Rota Kids are now outside Mr Morris’ classroom and we are  looking forward to a fun packed

year of helping our local  community! You can join anytime!

 We usually meet every other Tuesday at 12.30pm in the KS1 area  in social distanced places.

What will we be doing as our first task?

Bowerham Rota Kids will be back in operation very soon and want to help our community in these strange times.

We will be collecting small personal items for the homeless in readiness for Christmas.

If you could donate:

New toothbrushes – (ones that fold would be even better)

New toothpaste

New plastic combs

New bars of soap

New socks either 4 – 7 or 6-11

New gloves or hats

Small selection boxes or packets of wrapped sweets

Second hand jumpers in small or medium

Thank you for everything you donate. It is greatly appreciated.

We have also been very busy  running a stall in the playground in December . The money made allowed us to buy selection boxes that were given to children in hospital over Christmas at the RLI. 

Current  Achievements

A Community Day on the 25.06.19. The local community came to school and enjoyed the children’s singing, acting, poetry, individual musical pieces and our very own Steel Pan Band!  We all indulged in sandwiches, scones with jam and cream and cups of tea! We also had a go at learning to knit ! We want to make enough squares so we can make blankets for the homeless and other charities where they are needed.

The knitting was such a success that from September we will have a knitting club in operation at lunchtimes!

Olive Branch

We have been on a visit to the Olive Branch which is a local food bank that serves Bowerham School parents in time of need.

We learnt what wonderful jobs they do and joined in with organising appeal boxes, dating and general day to day activities.

We met Kerry who is in charge and are very grateful for her letting us come in and look around.

Homeless Shelter

Rota kids have been very busy and have also visited the Homeless Shelter which is part of the Christ Church. We met two wonderful helpers who volunteer and give their time

to help others in need. We learnt about what their job entails and had a good look around! We learnt that buying a homeless person something to eat

or drink was better than giving them money.  Only do this if your adult is with you and happy for this to happen.

To help the homeless out at Christmas we will be collecting empty  shoe boxes and filling them with some small items that would be of use to their clients.

On our Community Day we will also be hopefully knitting wool squares which will be sewn together and donated to those in need.

If you have old knitting needles and bits of wool you don’t need – please send them in! We also need old books to sell please as well! Thank you


We held a joint litter pick with Bowerham Rota Kids, Eco Council, Friends Of Greaves Park and LCC.

See what a happy bunch we all are!

We  also hosted a stall on the 4th, 5th and 6th of December in the school playground and have raised £114. We have bought selection boxes to give to the children in hospital over Christmas.

We have been helping families in need by collecting tinned goods to give to the Olive Branch and the Morecambe Food Bank who are in desperate need of food supplies.

We have also been donating clothes to the Morecambe Food Bank to help cloth those in need. Thank you for all  your donations – they have been gratefully received.

On the 30th June we helped the “Friends Of Greaves Park” with a litter pick. We met at 2pm and worked really hard in the sun collecting litter from around the play area and surrounding trees. Thank you to everyone who came to help.



Summer Fair

This year we have raised nearly £50. We will be splitting the money between buying water filters for Hawaii and a baby changing unit for top school.

Thank you for coming to our coconut shy!

Toilet Twinning – April 2018

We have managed to buy three toilets! Thank you to all the  Bowerham children!

Easter Egg Donation in March 2018 to Morecambe and Lancaster Food Banks.

Christmas Stall – 12, 13 and 14th December – 3pm – 3.20pm

This stall was run after school in the playground. We raised money so we could buy selection boxes for the children in hospital over Christmas. Judith came and filled her car boot full of our presents on the 20th December. Thank you to everyone who helped and supported the stall.

Community Day

12th July 2017 from 12.30pm – 2.30pm

We invited the older generation into school to join us for lunch and to be entertained ! The Children’s Steel Pan’s, our amazing Guitar Players, the Choir, the Year 6’s  performing excerpts of Annie the musical and Year 4 singing “Lean on me”. We were joined by six different community groups including the Police and the Lancaster Rotary! We all enjoyed afternoon tea and then went on a tour of school! What a wonderful day!

Summer Fair – 16.06.17

The Rota Kids stall was a great success and we raised over £65 for Polio in Nigeria.WELL DONE EVERYONE!

Saturday May 27th – Lancashire Chess Tournament

This year Bowerham School is being the host for the Lancashire Chess Tournament. Bowerham Rota Kids will be running the refreshment stall.  All monies made will be spent on water filters for East Africa.

We will be using our contact to send them over. We made friends our contact on our Community Day in March.

 Easter Egg Collection

 All of the Easter Eggs were greatly appreciated by local families who use the Olive Branch Food Bank. Well Done Bowerham!

Community Showcase Day – March 15th 2017

This was a resounding success! Thank you to all our older visitors! We loved showing you what we can do and look forward to welcoming you back! We are glad you loved our food from the Lets Get Cooking Team and are working on making your recipes into a Community Cook Book!

Litter Pick at Greaves Park 2pm March 12th 2017.

Thank you to all the families who braved the elements! Happily, Greaves Park looked much better after bags and bags of rubbish were collected. Thank you again!

Money raised for Cancercare

Well done Rota Kids for raising £50 for this great cause. All monies will be put to great use.