Re: Important information re attending school

By 2nd February 2021 Uncategorised

Dear Parents

Please be aware that as school is still closed, we are operating under a very strict risk assessment. As such it is essential to know how many children we have coming in at any one time so that we can monitor bubble sizes and ensure we have enough staff to operate safely.

In view of this parents who have already registered with us for a place but have not needed to attend must contact the school office by telephone to request a return to school. Please do not send your children into school as there may not be a place for them at this time. You must await confirmation of a return date before bringing your child/ren to school. This will enable us to ensure that we are complying with our risk assessment. Thank you.

We appreciate that many parents have worked hard to keep their children at home, even when many of you are key workers, We again ask that you continue to do this to keep everyone safe. As a school we have tried really hard to ensure we remain open for those keyworker parents who have no alternative childcare. We are finding that as this goes on many more parents are now wanting to return their children, unfortunately we cannot accommodate them with our current staffing levels and associated risk. If our numbers continue to rise then we will have to restrict places in school based on parents’ or carers’ occupations. We really don’t want to have to do this, but we may get to the stage whereby we have no other option

So we must reiterate again,

“Although Government guidance states that many pupils can come into school, including nursery children, we are of the opinion that this is not sustainable and nor is it safe. Children are at low risk from the virus but their parents, carers, wider family and teaching staff are not. We feel that we must ask families to do what they can to keep their children at home until transmission rates come down. This is also in the interest of those families who have no choice but to attend school. The fewer pupils we have in school, the safer we can keep them. School at this time is not the better place for your child. Our remote learning provision ensures that children at home have access to high quality teaching, support and daily feedback from teachers, children in school have the same experience they are just in our building. Please only use school when you have no other alternative.”