At Bowerham we believe that physical development is an essential part of the curriculum. It allows our children to:

  • Have fun and enjoy themselves!
  • Develop friendships and meet new people
  • Become more determined and demonstrate resilience
  • Understand and demonstrate the importance of respect for others
  • Learn to develop self control and manage emotions
  • Experience being part of a team and understand their contribution to it
  • Win with pride and lose with grace
  • Learn the importance of practice and preparation
  • Learn how to set realistic goals and work towards achieving them
  • Aspire to improve and challenge themselves

Bowerham Primary and Nursery School is part of the School Games. The School Games, which is funded by Sport England and delivered by the Youth Sport Trust, is a government led programme designed to deliver competitive school sport to all young people.

In addition to the belief of doing our Bowerham Best and our school ethos, we develop the School Games values through our Sports curriculum, Intra-School competitions and Local Inter-School Competitions.

Staffing Structure

Mr Box, Miss Lloyd and Mrs Bouweraerts are the PE team within school. It is their role to lead sport across Bowerham.

Sports Council

The Sports Council help to run sport across school. They are selected by their class members to be representatives for sport.

PE Funding

In April 2013, the Government announced new funding to support schools in improving the quality and breadth of PE and sport provision. Below is an outline of how sport is being developed at our school and our plans for the future. 


For further information regarding our proposed plans for this years PE Premium spending, please click here.

Evidencing the Impact of Primary PE and Sport Premium






For 2017-18 we received £9500 PE funding.

We spent our PE funding on the following:

PE staffing support- Specialist Sports Assistant  £4222
Lancaster & Heysham School Sports Network- training and tournaments  £4937
PE Resources- Equipment and storage  £456

This expenditure helped to:

  • Provide coaching opportunities for children with specific talents
  • Support staff development to develop achievements in PE
  • Run a range of clubs to increase participation in sports
  • Train and enter teams into tournaments to support the School Games
  • Train play leaders and develop outdoor provision to allow daily access to sports and fundamental skills
  • Continue to implement Healthy Heroes resources for the Early Years
  • Buy PE equipment to ensure the skills curriculum is implemented throughout school


From the children taking part in swimming last year- 60% of children learnt how to swim 25m or above confidently.





For 2016-17 we have received £9500 PE funding

This use of this funding is set out below:

We  spent our PE funding on the following:

PE staffing support  £4222
Lancaster & Heysham School Sports Network  £4937
PE Resources  £456
  • Providing coaching opportunities for children with specific talents Supporting staff development to develop achievements in PE
  • Running a range of clubs to increase participation in sports
  • Training and entering teams into tournaments to support the School Games
  • Training play leaders and developing outdoor provision to allow daily access to sports and fundamental skills
  • Healthy Heroes resources for the Early Years.
  • PE equipment to ensure the skills curriculum is implemented throughout school.

School Sport Networks

This year we have once again become a Member of the Lancaster and Heysham School Sports Network and the Lancaster School Sports Association. These networks are crucial in providing links across all sports within the area by allowing us to access a number of tournaments, events and training.


In addition to this, we have paid for a term’s PE support through Mr Breslin.






For 2015-16 we received £5500 PE funding. We spent this on a range of items:

During 2015-2016, Mr Breslin was employed to support staff in all areas of PE and after school clubs to ensure the development of Gifted and Talented pupils and provision for pupils who struggle to access PE.

£2000 of the funding was spent on ensuring that Bowerham Primary and nursery School continue to be part of the Lancaster and Heysham School Sport Network and Lancaster School Sports Association.


This provided us with a range of staff training such as:

  • New PE Subject Leader National Training delivered by Youth Sports Trust & Lancashire County Council
  • Multiskills , Multigames and links to the Curriculum & Scheme of Work
  • Activate Healthy Schools
  • Teachers Intro to Pop Lacrosse
  • YST/TOP Gymnastics
  • Sainsbury’s Inclusive Primary PE
  • Tri-Golf & Mini Tennis
  • Borwick Hall, Outdoor Education
  • Physically Literate to Physically Educated

It also allowed pupils to take part in the following sporting events:

  • Change4 Life Sport Festival
  • Year 5/6 Football Tournament and league
  • Year 3/4 Football Tournament and league
  • Year 5/6 Girls Football Tournament
  • Rugby Union Tag Tournament
  • Athletics 5/6
  • High 5s Tournament
  • William Smith Football Tournament
  • Year 5/6 Quick Cricket Tournament
  • Year 3/4 Quick Cricket Tournament
  • Lancaster University Cross Country Event
  • Morecambe  Bay  Football Community Cup
  • Lancaster University Swimming Gala
  • Salt Ayre Swimming Gala
  • SSN Primary Teachers PE and Sport Conference
  • Pupil Sports Leaders Conference

The funding allowed school to offer the following clubs:

  • Year 5/6 Football
  • Year 3/4 Football
  • Year 5/6 Cricket
  • KS2 Tag Rugby
  • KS1 Fit for fun
  • Athletics Club
  • Gymnastics Club
  • Netball Club
  • Hockey Club
  • Rounders Club

The rest of the funding has been spent on other areas of physical development throughout the school:

  • A new trim trail for outside physical development in Nursery and Reception has been installed and has had a positive impact on the physical development of children in the Early Years.
  • Play Leaders have been trained and recruited in Key Stage Two to develop fundamental skills throughout playtimes. There is a bespoke playtime programme in place based on children’s requests and interests. This programme is developed by play leaders in partnership with the School Council.
  • Games and sports equipment has been purchased for all children to access sport at playtimes.
  • The playground has been zoned off and signage has been purchased and displayed to ensure key areas of physical development are implemented.
  • The school field has been redesigned to be used for sporting events and to be used for sport at playtimes (weather permitting).
  • Healthy Heroes resources have been purchased and implemented across the Early Years.
  • New PE equipment has been purchased to ensure the skills curriculum is implemented throughout school.
  • Sport has been timetabled as sport afternoons to ensure the full coverage of the PE Curriculum within school.
  • Children in our Nursery and Reception classes carry out daily fundamental movement skills activities; this ensures that key gross motor skills are developed from an early age.

Impact of PE Funding over the last few years

All of the above steps have had a significantly positive impact on sport at Bowerham School and have led to:

  • Developed confidence and subject knowledge of staff which has enabled the planning and delivery of high quality PE lessons
  • Differentiated learning
  • The use of the Lancashire scheme to support implementation of new curriculum, including new assessment method
  • Clear whole school implementation and assessment of the skills needed for physical development
  • Identification of talented children in sport and links made to outside clubs
  • Links with other schools and quality PE providers to enable the development of both curricular and non-curricular PE opportunities
  • Tracking and implementation of extra-curricular sport
  • Good progress of all children in PE
  • Success of all schools’ sports teams
  • Inclusion of all children in sport
  • Increased participation and success in a wide range of sporting events and clubs
  • Achieved the Gold School Games Mark for the last two years