Bowerham Community Challenge

Every half term the children at Bowerham will be setting themselves, you as parents and members of our school community a very important challenge. For the challenge to succeed everyone will need to get involved!

This terms community challenge is focused on the importance of spending quality time talking together, chatter really does matter! You could talk about the weather, what’s going on in the news, what sorts of foods you are going to have for tea- the list is endless!

 Research shows that many children today have poor vocabulary skills due to a lack of quality conversations held with the adults in their lives.

SPRING TERM Community Challenge 2020

Our lives are really busy and we often find ourselves running around carrying out our daily routines with the children in tow. Recent research shows that the current low level of vocabulary in children is due to a lack of quality talk time between parent and child, which has a significant impact not only on a child’s academic potential but also mental health and wider life chances.

Stop and ask yourself: How much quality time are we really investing in our children?

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