Welcome to Nursery!

On this page you will find all the information that you need about what’s going on in Nursery at Bowerham


This Week

  • Welcome back! We have had a fun first first weeks in Nursery getting to know our new teachers and friends.
  • The children have started to show an interest in vehicles so we decided to use some of our vehicles to make tracks on paper with paint. We also had a great time rolling tyres in paint to create patterns on the floor outside- it was messy but fun!
  • This week we have been busy meeting some of our teachers pet animals. Miss Ireland’s dogs Paddy and Alfie came to say hello, so we took them for a walk around the school field. On Friday Mr McHugh brought in three of his pets- Rex the puppy, Toothless the lizard and Tiny-T the tortoise. We also enjoyed meeting Mrs Archers guinea pigs Ginnie and Hermione! Do you have any special pets at home? We would love to see some photos of them. You could upload your pet photos onto your child’s Tapestry account.
  • On Wednesday we had a special visit from Miss Ireland’s baby, Mia. The children enjoyed watching her play with her toys and sang her some lovely songs. We then enjoyed looking after our babies in the home corner, feeding them and taking them for walks.

Next Week

  • We will be busy looking at and picking the fruit that has been growing around the school grounds. We are then looking forward to making some yummy fruit crumbles and flapjacks with them!
  • We will be using our listening skills to listen carefully to the different noises that we can hear in our outdoor environment.
  • We will be creating our own building site outside so that we can have lots of fun pretending to be builders!
  • We will also be introducing two new pets to the children in Nursery- watch this space for photos on Tapestry and the school facebook page of our new Nursery friends!
  • Don’t forget to continue to upload photos and information onto your child’s Tapestry account to show us the lovely things you have been busy doing at home!

Healthy Heroes

We are looking forward to starting our new Healthy Hero challenges with Freddie the Frog in the September!

Stars of the Week

In Nursery we have two Bowerham Bears. Every week the Bowerham Bear’s choose two children that they would like to go home with. These are our ‘stars of the week’.


for being such a kind friend and always smiling!

Elsie- Mae

for settling into Nursery so well and having a go at all our activities with lots of enthusiasm!

Kathryn Ireland

Assistant Head / Early Years Lead

Sean McHugh

Key Worker, Nursery

Sarah Archer

Key Worker, Nursery

Sophie Wren

Key Worker, Nursery

Lesley Hodgson

Key Worker, Nursery

Amy Lancaster

Key Worker, Nursery

Lynsey Edwards

Key Worker, Nursery

Anna Worthington-Bramhall

Key Worker, Nursery

Emily Beattie

Key Worker, Nursery

How you can support your child at home this week

To find out how you can help support your child at home in Nursery this week please visit our Homework Page.

We love singing!

The children really do love joining in with new and favourite songs and rhymes. Parents/carers have been coming to the team to find out how a particular tune or the words go as their child won’t stop singing!! Some of their versions translated to home have been very amusing.

We’ve decided to add a section to the website with our most popular songs for you to enjoy at home. The children will most definitely help you to learn them (and the actions too!)

Butterfly song

Five little birds went flying one day

5 little monkeys sitting in a tree…..

Cows in the Kitchen song

Old MacDonald song

Nursery Walking down the street

The soap on our hands goes…

The Gruffalo song

The Animal fair

I had a baby turtle

Bubble Song

Baby Bear

A tiny caterpillar on a leaf song

 5 Little Speckled Frogs

 5 Currant Buns

Useful links and information for Nursery Parents

The link below will take you to ‘families in the foundation years’ website. It’s a great site in providing information from pregnancy to age 5.

The Foundation Years Website



We love being able to upload all our observations to share with you throughout each half term as well as being able to share all the exciting things you upload at home too!

Your Tapestry account for your child is only ‘live’ for the length of time they are at our school or Nursery in Early Years.  Once they go into year 1 or to another school you will no longer have access to your child’s Tapestry account.

We want you to be able to have this learning journey as your own and therefore we will be sending you a termly PDF download of your child’s learning journey.  This can then be saved on your hard drive to then enable you to keep it ‘forever’!  It is important that you do save it as this will be your only opportunity to keep it term by term.  You will be notified of the download via a sticker in your child’s communication diary. Downloads will then expire within 1 month.

Please note: you will need to access Tapestry through their website and not the app to be able to successfully download your child’s observations.

The link below will take you through the process of how to download your child’s Tapestry observations.

How to download your child’s Tapestry observations


Sun Safety

At Bowerham we value the importance of outdoor play and children have the opportunity to be outside for most of the day. As such, we need to make sure that your child is kept safe in the sun. As parents, it is your responsibility to ensure your child is kept safe in the sun. The following requirements are essential in order for staff to allow your child to play outside-

  • Ensure sun cream is applied to your child before you bring them to Nursery – this will give your child the sun protection they will need for the immediate session.
  • Inform a member of staff when dropping off your child at Nursery that you have applied sun-cream to your child. If you do not let a member of staff know that sun cream has been applied then we will assume that sun cream has been applied prior to arriving.
  • Send your child with a named sun hat on sunny days. You may prefer to bring in a sun hat and leave it in your child’s tray for the summer term.

Nursery staff will ensure that children wear their sun hats when playing outside.

Staff will also re-apply sun cream to your child if they are in Nursery all day. Please note that this only applies to children who are in Nursery for the full day. We have purchased sun cream – Boots Soltan Kids Factor 50 hypoallergenic sun care lotion, which we will apply before the children go outside for the afternoon session. If you do not wish for your child to use this and would like to provide your own lotion, please send your sun lotion in a named bottle – which can be left in Nursery for the summer. Lotion cannot be kept in children’s bags for safety reasons. Our sun cream will be available for you to ‘patch’ test your child if needed.