Welcome to Bowerham Nursery!

We are delighted to announce that Bowerham Primary & Nursery school has extended its age range to take 2-11 year olds.


You are welcome to apply for a place in our Nursery once your child has reached his/her first/second birthday. Your child may take up their place at the start of the term after second/third birthday – if we are able to offer you a place you will be notified a term in advance. We have a  minimum booking requirement of 3 sessions per week.

Please remember that you will need to reapply for a place at your chosen Primary School in the October before your child starts school, even if you wish your child to continue their educational journey at Bowerham.

From September 2017 the Government doubled the amount of free childcare for eligible working parents of three and four year olds from 15 hours per week to 30 hours per week.

The current free entitlement for all 3 and 4 years olds will continue to be 15 hours per week for 38 weeks of the year (i.e. 570 hours). The 30 hours free childcare is an extension of the current free hours and provides an additional 15 hours of free childcare for children where parents are eligible.

By offering working parents the additional free childcare the government aims to give parents real choice about how they balance raising children with their working lives. The 30 hours free childcare also aims to support those parents who wish to work, or to work more hours, to be able to do so.

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The Government has published the draft eligibility criteria that families will need to meet in order to be able to access the extended entitlement to 30 hours free childcare.  The eligibility criteria is included in the statutory guidance and regulations that have been agreed by Parliament.

The eligibility criteria states that;

  • Both parents need to be working (or the sole parent is working in a lone parent family);
  • Each parent has a weekly minimum income equivalent to 16 hours at national minimum wage or living wage;
  • Neither parent has an income of more than £100,000 per year ;
  • Parents will only be able to apply for the additional hours if they are resident in the UK, as in the case for Tax Free Childcare.

Families where one parent does not work (or neither parent works) will usually not be eligible for the additional hours.  However, the draft criteria also states that the additional entitlement should be available in the following circumstances;

  • Both parents are employed but one or both parents is temporarily away from the workplace on parental, maternity or paternity leave;
  • Both parents are employed but one or both parents is temporarily away from the workplace on adoption leave;
  • Both parents are employed but one or both parents are temporarily away from the workplace on statutory sick pay;
  • One parent is employed and one parent has substantial caring responsibilities based on specific benefits received for caring;
  • One parent is employed and one parent is disabled or incapacitated based on receipt of specific benefits.

The DfE are working with HMRC to create a joint application for the 30 hours free childcare and Tax Free Childcare (TFC). The new system will replace the current childcare voucher schemes. Parents will enter their information on-line and find out if they are eligible. The new system will be available for parents on www.Gov.uk and not through Lancashire County Council (LCC). Parents may also apply by phone to HMRC.

If a parent is eligible for the 30 hours free childcare they will receive an eligibility code from HMRC via the on-line system which they can then take to their chosen childcare provider to book a place.

Childcare providers  need to validate the code with Lancashire County Council before offering an additional 15 hours free childcare.

Parents will be required to verify their continued eligibility for the 30 hours free childcare every three months directly with HMRC. If they are found to be no longer eligible the additional hours will cease at the end of a notice period. This is going to be known as the grace period.  HMRC will manage the notification to parents of the need to reconfirm their eligibility for 30 hours free childcare every three months.

For more information please see:



To check your eligibility please visit:


If you think you will be eligible for this and wish to secure your place for your child at Bowerham please make sure you get in touch with us as soon as possible.

In light of all these changes we  also offer a full wrap around facility for our Nursery so that parents can then use their eligibility flexibly, to the hours that suit rather than the fixed school hours.

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