Important Update – please read

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Key points from an Information message sent today at 9.45 from The Director of Education and Skills. In light of the government publication last night please be assured that as a Local Authority we are placing great emphasis on “Principle 1: If at all possible for your children to be at home, then they should be”. In addition there is the phrase “and every child who can safely be cared for at home should be”. So parents can be really urged to consider that their child/ren’s first place of safety is at home. We have now had the clarity around “vulnerable groups” and we are applying those across all of Lancashire. This is only children with a social worker or an EHCP in place. Whilst we would all consider many more children to be vulnerable for this COVID19 response we are applying the government definition. It is only these 2 groups of children who schools are being asked to continue to provide with care. The government clearly states that if 1 parent is designated as “critical” then their child/ren should be offered a place in school. So we now have clarity on all or most of your questions. We would therefore urge all parents to If at all possible for your children to be at home, then they should be”. Thank you everyone for being so amazing and incredibly supportive. There have been many questions around “critical to COVID19 workers” (a change from key workers) and the closure of school. Please see the weblink to answer all your questions and concerns. For those children who will be in school next week we will be sending out a letter to clarify all the details. If you have not let us know and believe that you are a critical COVID19 workers” (a change from key workers) please can you fill in the school closure survey as a matter of urgency. Thankyou.