On this page you will find all of the homework set across the school each week.

Homework is set on a Thursday and should be completed (and anything that needs to be, handed in) on a Tuesday.


Chatter Matters

As you know, communication skills are a vital tool in helping children make friends, learn and achieve to their full potential. Every week we will have a ‘Chatter Matters’ focus in Nursery. This is something that you can talk together about in preparation for some of the exciting learning that your child will take part in at Nursery. We will also provide you with a fun math’s challenge that you can take part in completing together at home. 

When we return back to Nursery we will be talking all about what you have been busy doing over the holidays.

Please upload your comments and photos of any exciting things that you do together onto your child’s Tapestry account.

Your comments and photos will help the children to remember and expand on what they are talking about with their friends and teachers.


This week in Reception homework is as follows:

Chatter Matters and Big Problem

Chatter Matters and Big Problem challenge 2.03.20 (2)

BG phonics group:

Phonics-homework-02-03-20-Mr Guilfoyle


AJ phonics group:

Phonics homework AJ 27.02.20 digraphs, write tricky words

BK/NN, FE,SM group

phase-3-tricky-words-counters-barrier-game-activity-sheet 27.2.20Phonic

Homework 27.2.20 BK, NN, SM, FE groups

Please remember to keep practicing your 100 high frequency words and your tricky words. These are very important for constructing and writing full, interesting sentences. The link to download the list of all 100 high frequency and tricky words are below.

First 100 High Frequency Words

Don’t forget to upload any photos and/or comments onto your child’s Tapestry account of all the exciting things that you do together at home!

Year 1

This week in Year 1, homework is as follows:

Just Talk

Just Talk We Are Reading 2020

Task Homework

Please follow the link to the exciting Teddy’s House Homework for 2020! A paper copy will be sent home with your child before the holidays. We have always had a hugely positive response to this homework and we hope you will all participate and work as a family to build a fantastic house, using your child’s expert knowledge on the properties of materials! All houses are to be brought to school by Wednesday 26th February if they are to be entered into the competition. Please make arrangements to ensure your child can bring their house home on Friday 28th February as we will not have space in school to store all the houses long-term. Thank you, Year 1 Team.

Teddy’s House Homework


Year 3

Just Talk

Just Talk Homework 02.03.20


There are no new spellings this week. Please practise the spellings from this half term ready for the Big Spell next Thursday.


This week we would like you to explore European countries. You could look at either a digital map or atlas, if you don’t have one why not take a trip to the library or borrow one from our school library to use. Can you name all of the European countries? Can you locate different ones that an adult asks you to find?


Log on to your MyMaths account to see what your task is this week!

Year 4

We are currently reading The Unluckiest Boy in the World and Matt’s Millions by Andrew Norris who is our new author of the term.

If you can, please read to your child and allow your child to read to you every day. It makes a massive difference to their confidence. Get your child to point out any adjectives, nouns, similes, metaphors or paired adjectives that they might see.


Just Talk

There will be no Just Write next week as the children are finishing their golden book stories.


My Maths


Log on to your MyMaths account to see what your task is this week!



Spellings for test on 6.3.20

Spellings for wall

Year 5

This week in Year 5 homework is as follows:

Just Write

Just Write is coming later this week…


This week’s spellings are:

appreciative, accordingly, availability, familiarity, harassment, definitive, professional, sacrificing, occurrence, interfering

Miss Lancaster’s group:

build, busy, guide, length, possess, probably, recent, separate, remember, weight


My Maths


Set: Friday 24th January

Due: Friday 31st January

Task Homework – Topic

Please click on the link to have a look at the Learn It, Know It sheets for our Egypt topic-  this half term we are focusing on geography. The document linked contains explanatory notes, but please don’t hesitate to contact the year 5 team for more information.

learn it know it spring 1 egypt year 5


We are encouraging children to post in our class blogs which were set up late last year. They can be found at:



Please feel free to comment on the children’s work that is already there. We will notify you of any posts that go up on the blog. One of the main advantages of blogging in this way is that the children are writing for a potentially unlimited audience. If they receive positive comments, this encourages them even more. All comments are moderated and approved by either Mr Box or Mr Morris.

Children can feel free to write posts on any subject they choose – again nothing gets published without the approval of staff.

Year 6

This week in Year 6, homework is as follows:

Just Talk

No Talk Homework set.


Spellings homework set on Friday 14th February, to be retested on Friday 28th February:

deceive, believe, receipt, receive, achieve, ancient, foreign, neighbour, weird, science, weight, ceiling, conceive, grief, seize, height, protein, fierce, hygiene, shield

Please find the Y3/4 and Y5/6 spelling lists.
ks2 spelling list whole


Please login to MyMaths to see this week’s homework.

Set: Thursday 13th February

Due: Thursday 27th February