New Clubs For You To Enjoy With Your Child

Ozobots – All key stages – 24.04.19 – Old Hall – 1-3pm

This course is now full! We have the option to organise another course in the new 2019/ 20 academic year.

This off one course allows both your child and yourself to work together in controlling and instructing a mini robot!

All budding engineers – this will be right up your street!


Keeping Your Child Safe Online

This course is for parents only and will guide you on how to keep your child safe online. This half day session will also give you an

overview on this subject along with tips and advice to take notice of . This course would suit all parents whose children have access to the internet whether

through games consoles, tablets, PC’s and mobile phones.

The course starts at 1.10pm and finishes at 3pm.

We will be running another course in the future if demand is high for this course.


Let’s Engineer – Starts on Wednesday 12th June – 1.10pm  -3pm – Old Hall

This three week course boosts your child’s imagination as it works on their STEM skills.

Work on challenges together! problem solve, design, work as a team and have fun!


Ready Steady School – 01.07.19 –  1-3pm

This course helps new parents to be as school ready as they can be! Letter will be coming out in the new term.


Please click here for enrolment details for all clubs and family activities


Since September 2018 we have offered:

Maths Family Learning

Where you learn how to help your child by learning the updated methods used in school during the morning, we then provided lunch and then you work with your child in the afternoon.

Fun With Phonics

This course updates you on how your children learn their initial sounds and start to blend them and then read! You then work with your child after

enjoying a lunch on school!

Spooky Crafts

This course was praised very highly by all the attendees whilst they enjoyed spending time together and learnt new arts and crafts techniques

Lego Robotics

This course is currently running and is aimed at the children and their adults from Year 3 onwards.

They will continue working for three weeks making electronic robots which can be operated by your ipad! Great fun!

This course will be held in the Sports Hall again on the 7th November but will be in the Old Hall on the 14th November as Pudsey is coming!!!

Back To Nature

This involved children and adults from Nursery and Year 1. Everyone loved this special time together. We are re booking another session for later on in the year as it was so popular!

Spring Crafts

This was a very popular event with over 40 people – might have to run two courses next time!

Help Your Child With Reading

This course was a great hit and feedback was amazing – well done to everyone involved!

Number Crunchers – KS1

This 3 week course offered help to parents and children to work on their maths skills together.

Keeping Up With The Children – KS2

This three week course offered parents a chance to update their maths knowledge to the methods used in school nowadays.

Helping their child with homework was a big priority last year.


Please click here for enrolment details for all clubs and family activities.