Are you eligible for 30 hours of free childcare?

By 7th August 2017 Nursery News
Are you eligible for help with childcare costs?

The government is introducing new ways to help with childcare costs from 2017 and some families will now be eligible for 30 hours of childcare each week. In addition to this, some people are also eligible for childcare from the age of two and Bowerham Nursery will be expanding to take two year olds from September 2017. Depending on your circumstances and the ages of your children, you may be eligible for help with childcare costs.

For more information about this, the best place to start is to visit the Child Care Choices website.

If you are interested in sending your child to Bowerham Nursery and you want to know more about our available places then please contact our School Office on 01524 63999.