Eco-Schools is a global programme engaging millions of children across 64 different countries, making it the largest environmental schools programme in the world.

Eco – Schools enhances pupils skills, raises environmental awareness and improves the school enviornment.

Here at Bowerham we have a very special and dedicated team of “Eco – Warriors” who support the school in being as environmentally friendly as it can be!

Keep updated with any of our Eco – news via this page! We can’t wait to share with you the exciting projects we will take part in!

You can find out more about what our Eco Council have been improving as part of our Eco Schools by clicking here: Pupil Voice Report- Eco.

You can find out more about Eco Schools by clicking here


“Stay green and support your Eco – team!”


The Eco warriors have been working hard to create an action plan and have decided on the three topics they would like to focus on.

These are: litter, the school grounds and healthy living

On May 2nd, in school time, the Eco Council will be taking a trip to the Lancaster University Eco Hub.

Here we will be learning about healthy living, healthy food and food sustainability .

We will be keeping our eyes peeled for any top tip ideas we can use back at school to make us greener!

The Eco council are already working on getting recycling bins in school, collecting crisp packets and writing to our school suppliers asking

them to swap plastic straws for paper ones! We already recycle batteries, paper. uniform and cartridges!


Can you help? Do you have any old knitting needles, wool or books we can have? The Rota Kids are going

to learn to knit and sell books at the Summer Fair to raise money for the Children’s Ward in Lancaster.



Our Eco-Council Warriors want to encourage everyone at school to reduce, reuse and recycle!

It is important to use less electricity in our school because using electricity and gas costs money and also has an impact on our planet.

So in November 2019 school will take part in our Switch Off Fortnight.

During ‘switch off fortnight’ we will compare energy use from last year to this year  and record the positive impact!

The Eco team will carry out surveys around school to check that lights and computers have been switched off and then

work out how much money we could save by this time next year , if we maintained this level of awareness.

Lights, computers, printers – you name it – we’ll switch it off if it’s not being used!

Perhaps you can join us and switch off at home too!


“Stay green and support your Eco – team!”

The Eco warriors have been working hard towards achieving the green flag. Here is our action plan showing all the different projects we are working on.

The Eco Warriors and Rota Kids enjoyed litter picking at Greaves Park recently.

The children worked hard and cleared the park and play area of litter and filled bags full of rubbish.

The children enjoyed making our local environment clean and tidy and safe to play!

We will plan another litter pick soon!



Remember: “Stay green and support your Eco – team!”









Come and see our new information zone in the shed on the trim trail. There is lots of interesting information about plants and animals that you might

find in our school grounds or locally.

On April 23rd 2019, Bowerham will be celebrating Earth Day. This has been an annual event since the 1970’s and highlights what we can do to help save our beautiful planet

and the wonderful animals that we share it with.

Bowerham will be taking part in a whole school litter pick and repairing the Eco Shed! So, don’t forget to bring in your 2 litre bottles!

Keep an eye out for updates on our progress and remember:

“Stay green and support your Eco – team!”









Year 6 have been investigating global warming. They found out lots of interesting information and created these bright and colourful posters to show us what they found out. Well done year 6!