If your child has a positive Covid test during the school holidays, please report this to the School Health Support Team call line on 01772 531555 or email COVID19Educationquestions@lancashire.gov.uk . This is important and will ensure that school is informed and can put in place any necessary measures before reopening. Please also email Mrs Banks on head@bowerham.lancs.sch.uk 

Thank you. 

Bowerham School Risk Assessment & Recovery Plan Oct updates

This local guidance document has been based on national PHE, NHS and government guidance. Hyperlinks to key national guidance are displayed here for reference (click on the link to be taken to the relevant guidance/information online).

Social distancing for different groups

Guidance for contacts

Guidance for contacts of people with possible or confirmed COVID19

Specific guidance for educational settings


Infection prevention and control

Coronavirus Resource Centre posters