Externally Led Clubs

Enjoy A Ball – open to Year 1,2 and 3 

Two catch up sessions will be held on the  12th and 19th April 2021 in the Sports Hall from 3.15pm -4.15pm. These sessions are for current club members only due to COVID stopping the classes.

From Monday 26th April, a new 10 week club will run in the Sports Hall and will cost £45 in advance. This club can only be paid for via Parentpay. Bookings will be only be available from the 14th April 2021.  The club runs from 3.10pm – 4.15pm.

This club does not run in non term time.

Enjoy a ball April 21

Want to have your say as to which clubs run at Bowerham? Please fill in the attached form and hand it back to school

Karate – Open to all ages – Re starts on the 13th .04.21

This pupil only club will run on Tuesdays from 3.20pm – 4.05pm in the Sports Hall with Sensai Andrea.

The second class is for invited children only and will run from 4.10pm – 4.55pm in the Sports Hall.

This club does not run out of term time.

If you are interested in joining karate then please contact Debbie Steel via school on 01524 63999.