Classes 21/22

By 18th June 2021 Uncategorised

The children have been informed this morning who their class teacher will be next academic year and the teachers have been to introduce themselves.  All the children and teachers were very excited to meet each other.

Please see table below to find out who your child’s class teacher will be:

Class Now Class Moving To
RRC  Miss Culkin 1 LD  Miss Denison
RBG  Mr Guilfoyle 1 SM  Miss Maguire
1 LD  Miss Denison 2 GW/CL Miss Walker / Miss Lloyd
1 SM  Miss Maguire 2 AT   Mr Thomas
2 AT  Mr Thomas 3 VT   Mrs Thompson
2 NN  Miss Needham 3 DM  Mr Morris
3 VT  Mrs Thompson 4 UE   Mr Essa
3 UE  Mr Essa 4 RD   Mrs Dyer
4 RD  Mrs Dyer 5 SB   Mr Box
4 DM  Mr Morris 5 AO  Mrs Orford
5 SB   Mr Box 6 LB  Miss Bailey
5 AO  Mrs Orford 6 NH Mr Haughton