Blog from the visit from Chief Executive & Director of Resources Lancashire County Council

By 14th February 2020 Uncategorised

We were recently visited by Angie Ridgewell, the CEO of LCC,. please see her Blog post


Going back to school


Last week I had the pleasure of visiting Bowerham Primary School in Lancaster. I joined the children and their teachers on Wednesday afternoon. I have to say it was the most uplifting experience. The energy and positivity in the school was palpable and the children were clearly confident and thriving in an environment where they felt safe and respected. Jo, the head teacher, was so proud of the extension completed a few years ago, which has transformed the learning experience. I have to say the reason for its success was very much down to Jo’s clear vision for the space and how she would use it to make learning fun.

I was also interviewed by the school council. Children from all years were there and it was more terrifying than when I was interviewed for my job here! They asked some really challenging and insightful questions from how I had done at school (I was honest and admitted “not great”), what it was like to run the county council, my role models and ideal job. I have to say if Lancashire’s future rests in these children’s hands, then we can rest assured it will do very well indeed!