Choice Boards

In these unprecedented times we have uploaded 2 weeks’ worth of work for each year group on the Homework section of the website. These activities will be updated on a 2 weekly cycle for the foreseeable future, apart from when school is on holiday. These are the activities children will also be completing in school. This is ensuring that no child whether at home or in school is missing out on their learning journey or indeed doing different work. It means learning can be consistent and in line with year group expectations. Reports will be coming out at the end of next week, this will give you the current level your child is working at. For children working below their year group expectation please use the level as the appropriate year group work for Reading, Writing and Maths. For all other subjects please use the year your child is in.

Each year group has developed choice boards, these boards allow the children to ‘choose’ an activity to complete. They can do them in any order and as many times as they wish with the intention of completing all activities on each board over the 2 weeks There are also YouTube links and apps to support the learning. Each child is coming home with an exercise book to complete their work if they are at home; we expect the children to present their work the same whether they are in school or working from home. Please see the Presentation Policy in our policies section of the website.

Please make sure that all work is clearly labelled with a title, etc, as set out in this policy.

Please see your child’s year group for the choice board activities to access.

Oak National Academy

In addition to the choice boards provided by school, the government have backed a new online academy in response to the Coronavirus Lockdown. This online classroom offers free access to great teachers, delivering video lessons, quizzes and worksheets. Available for both primary and secondary, it covers a range of subjects. The lessons are ordered so your child can learn along a clear plan. They provide new lessons and resources each week.

Oak National Academy Website

The Choice Boards set out the National Curriculum coverage that will be accessed in school and are available for you to access at home too. The 2 weekly updates of these will continue whilst school is not open to all, as it usually would be. However, if you would like to use the Oak National Academy resources in addition or instead of the choice boards, then this will also help to support your child’s learning. Please do not worry if you choose not to do this, the Choice Boards cover all the aspects of learning that we are covering in school and have been planned out to ensure that all year group outcomes can be achieved, whether your child is in school or out of school.


We have completed a survey to ensure that all our children have access to platforms to do this. We have identified the key families who  do not have such facilities and Nicola is ensuring that they have the work they need.



If your child is being assessed through PIVATS, the table below shows the equivalent year group for your child’s PIVAT score. Please refer to their latest PIVAT Progress and Achievement Report to find which year group your child is working within.

Once you know which year group your child is working within, please refer to that year group’s Home Learning Choice Boards.

For example:

If my child’s PIVAT score in Reading was 64.3 then they would be working within year 3 expectations so I would look at the year 3 Home Learning Choice Board.

You have access to all our staff email addresses so if you have any questions please do not hesitate to put this in writing, although please make sure these are only about learning.

There is no need to hand in the work.


Please note that the MyMaths school login is:



Children will then need to input their own login details



Physical Activity

Use this Choice Board for ideas to keep active!

Physical Activity Choice Board



We have set up remote logins for all our children in years 1-6 so that they can use Charanga Music School at home. Each year group has units of work set, along with access to other challenges and activities.

In order to log on, you will need to email your child’s class teacher and request their individual login (consisting of a username and password).

Next, log on to:

You will be asked for your username and password, then you can select your class’ tasks.


Other Music Activities:

There are also a range of music-based activities on different websites that children can access.

BBC Bitesize delivers lessons aimed at building knowledge and skills around rhythm, pulse, dynamics and notation:

BBC KS1 Music

BBC KS2 Music

BBC Ten Pieces is a great way to introduce children to classical music, where they can explore exciting films, lesson plans, instrumental arrangements & live events.

Beat Drop are providing a free online mini course for children aged 8-15 who are brand new to the world of electronic music production.

The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music – ABRSM – have developed their ‘Play On’ resources to support teachers, musicians and parents with daily updates and free content.

The Benedetti Foundation deliver online music lessons every day on their Facebook channel.


Happy music making!


Use this Choice Board for ideas to support your child’s computing needs.

Please access the resource on the link if you are not as confident using the Scratch resources on the computing choice board

Getting started on Scratch

Computing Choice Board

Family tips and Advice for Your Time at Home

Free Information Book Explaining Coronavirus illustrated by Alex Scheffler

Adult Choice Board– A few ideas for adults stuck at home to keep you entertained!

SEND Choice Board

SEND Choice Board and Resources 1 Zip file

Earth Day Choice Board

St George’s Day Choice Board

Shakespeare Choice Board

Florence Nightingale Choice Board


Picture News

Every week we will upload a News resource here for you to look at with your child. This is a great way of keeping them in touch with the wider world!

Primary Picture News Resource England – 27th April – Video games (1)

Learning from Home Ideas – 27th April – Video games

VE Day 75th Anniversary Resource – April 2020

Picture News Special Resource – VE Day 75th Anniversary 2020