Our Blended Approach

our blended approach overview


Remote learning at Bowerham

In light of the current government guidelines, we have been developing our policies and procedures to improve the quality of our remote learning offer.

The government states:

Education is not optional
All pupils receive a high-quality education that promotes their development and prepares them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life.

The curriculum remains broad and ambitious
All pupils continue to be taught a wide range of subjects, maintaining their choices for further study and employment.

Remote education
Where needed, this is high-quality and safe, and aligns as closely as possible with in-school provision.

The DfE asks schools to develop remote education that is integrated into school curriculum planning. It explains that remote education will need to be an essential component in the delivery of the school curriculum for some pupils, alongside classroom teaching, or in the case of a local lockdown. All schools are therefore expected to plan to ensure any pupils educated at home for some of the time are given the support they need to master the curriculum and so make good progress.

The Government has published a Temporary Continuity Direction, regarding the provision of remote education in schools, under the Coronavirus Act 2020. The Direction means schools have a duty to provide education to children at home, as they do when children are in the classroom.

Schools are expected to provide immediate access to high-quality remote education. The expectations on the quality of remote education expected of schools remain those set out in the guidance for full opening published in July 2020. The Direction was issued by the Secretary of State for Education on 30 September 2020 and will come into force on 22 October 2020.

Our approach

In response to government guidance we have published the video below to support understanding of what pupils, parents and carers should expect during periods of school closure or pupil isolation relating to coronavirus.

Following the government template, we have answered questions to provide information that is intended to give clarity and transparency to children and their families about our remote education offer and explain our approach.

A PDF version is also available below.

Our remote learning approach updated jan 2021

Remote support

If you need any support with accessing our online platforms please refer to the guides below:

Alternatively, you can contact your child’s class teacher or email our remote learning lead via:


Getting started on Showbie – tutorial for reception parents

Key information

remote learning key information 04.01.21 – reception

remote learning key information 04.01.21 – years 1 – 6

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Frequent worries of lockdown learning

Frequent worries of lockdown learning

Showbie guides for children

home learning guide for children years 1-3

home learning guide for children years 4-6

Tapestry guide for parents

home learning guide – rec

Step by step Showbie guides

Showbie guide – getting started

Showbie guide – working remotely

Video tutorials on how to use our remote learning online platforms

Please watch the following videos for tutorials on how to use our remote learning online platforms.

EYFS: Tapestry

Years 1 – 6: Showbie

 Years 4 – 6: Teams



The timetable

The first step to accessing remote learning is to access the timetable. Please see the videos below for more information on the timetable for your child’s year group.


Please see the video below for a quick guide on how to navigate the timetable for reception.

Year 1

Please see the video below for a quick guide on how to navigate the timetable for year 1.

Years 2 -6

remote learning expectations and timetable

Please see the video below for a quick guide on how to navigate the timetable for year 2-6.


Our blended remote learning promise

When using these online platforms, we hope the positive behaviour and attitude that is expected in school, is mirrored online. This means ensuring, we are showing our Bowerham Best not only in school but also when working remotely. Here is our ‘Remote learning promise’ for children, staff and parents. This is an extension of the Bowerham promise that as a member of the Bowerham family we already follow and have agreed to.


parent, children and staff promise remote learning EYFS

KS1 and KS2

parent, children and staff promise remote learning KS1 KS2

Remote Learning Questionnaire – results

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking part in our questionnaire.

It has been rewarding seeing your overwhelming positivity. Throughout these continually changing and unprecedented times, our main aim has been to provide our families with a remote learning offer that causes a little disruption as possible to children’s learning journey while understanding each and every one of our families have different circumstances in which to approach remote learning.

It was lovely to see all your positive feedback as well as take on board areas in which we can improve.

Please see the documents below for the results. Here you will see the key findings from the questionnaires as well as the results across school.

children’s questionnaire report

parent’s questionnaire report